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Trotek Battery 12v 24ah Trontek E Bike Battery 12V 24AH Gel Battery 12 months warranty. Trontek Electric Bike Battery 12V 24AH Trontek offers safe and reliable e-bike batteries with high end consistency. Our products carry no explosion or burning risk as they conforms to international standard safety norms.
Luminous 1 KVA off Grid Solar System with 300 Watts of Panel for 1 BHK home, Shops Main products Inverter - 1100 VA (1 nos.) Battery - 150 Ah (1 nos.) Solar Panels - 320 Watt (160 watt * 2 nos.) Subsidy Government of India does not offer any subsidy on off grid solar systems. Running load Up to 650 watts of power with combination of - 2 Ceiling Fans, 10 Led lights, 1 Television + 1 Laptop/Mobile Charging Technical Details inverter model NXG 1100 Inverter Capacity 1100 VA