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'12v 26ah smf'
we deals with Amptek, Chilwee, Hi Power, Panasonic, Oscar and Akari Rechargeable SMF Batteries. Models : 6 Volt -1.3AH, 6V-3.2AH, 6V-3.3AH, 6V-4.5AH, 6V-7AH, 6V-10AH 12Volt Battery : 12Volt-0.8AH, 12V-1.3AH, 12V-2.2AH, 12V-2.3AH, 12V-3.3AH, 12V-4.5AH, 12V-7.2AH, 12V-7.5AH, 12V-12AH, 12V-18AH Amptek 12Volt 14AH- 12Volt -24AH 12V - 33AH E Bike Battery also available APPLICATION: SOUND SYSTEMS, SOUND AMPLIFIERS, ELECTRONIC WEIGHING SCALES, SECURITY SYSTEMS, EMERGENCY LIGHTS, TOYS SOLAR LIGHTS, EMERGENCY LIGHTS, PCO MACHINES, UPS SYSTEMS, ATTENDANCE RECORDERS, PORTABLE PA SYSTEM
Exide Powersafe SMF Battery Exide SMF Battery 12V - 7AH / 12AH / 17AH / 26AH / 42AH / 65AH /100AH FEATURES OF VRLA EXIDE POWERSAFE+ RANGE New Improved Sealed Maintenance freeFree from Orientation ConstraintsEco-FriendlyEasy Handling and No Installation ConstraintsReady to UseLong Service LifeLow Self-DischargeExcellent Charge Retention and Recovering AbilitySuperior High Rate DischargeWide Range Exide SMF UPS Battery Exide 12V 7AH Battery Exide 12V 17AH Battery 12V 26AH Battery Price
Exide Tubular EL Master Batteries Exide 6EL Master Tubular Battery Exide EL Master 12V-66AH Exide EL Master 12V-75AH Exide EL Master 12V-100AH Exide EL Master 12V-120AH Exide EL Master 12V-130AH Exide EL Master 12V-150AH Exide EL Master 12V-180AH Exide EL Master 12V-200AH APPLICATIONS OF FLOODED 6EL MASTER RANGE UPS and Inverter SystemsTelecommunication SystemsOffice Automation EquipmentFire Alarm and Security SystemsElectronic PABX SystemsCable Television EquipmentElectronic Attendance and Cash RegistersProcess Instrumentation and ControlRailway SignallingPower Plants and SubstationsCellular Phones and Pagers (Base Stations and Transmitters)Geophysical EquipmentPCO Monitors (Electronic)
Electric Bike Battery Dealer in Chennai all model E Bike Battery and Chargers available in one Store. 12V14AH E Bike Battery, 12V20AH E Bike Battery, 12V24AH E Bike Battery, 12V33AH Rechargeable E Bike Battery.
Exide Power Safe 12v 26AH SMF Battery Price in Chennai 988468836 24 months warranty MRP Rs.3500/-